Tourmalinated Quartz - the best of both worlds

We know about Clear Quartz the master healer, remember ? Yes ? Loved her! And we know about black tourmaline right ? Well this baby is both!

Tourmalinated Quartz (SiO2 + Na(Mg, Fe, Li, Mn, Al)Si6O18(OH,F)4) is black tourmaline, grown through clear quartz. It is mostly found in Brasil, Madagaskar and China.

Tourmalinated Quartz does wonders for those who suffer from pain, may that pain be physical or emotional, it is a strong protective stone. It helps to get over past relationships and heal trauma, like losing a loved one. This type of quartz can't undo anything, but it can help to see further and gain deep insight into why things are happening to you, while also supporting you on that journey.

Tourmalinated Quartz can be programmed to bring opposites into balance and acts very detoxifying.


Do you own a piece of this one? 

As always, stay safe and be kind to yourself <3

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  • Hey! Yes, I do own some Tourmalinated Quartz pieces. A freeform and a palm stone<3 I really love them!


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