Pink Amethyst - is it dyed, fake? Why is it so expensive and popular?

Pink Amethyst is just as it’s purple counterpart a type of Quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It’s found only in one place in Argentina and is a whole lot more rare than ‚normal‘ Amethyst, making it quite expensive to source and buy. It was just recently discovered so it’s relatively new to the crystal game. But opposing to a lot of peoples first thoughts it is 100% natural and real, made by Mamma Earth. 
We source our pink Amethyst from the El Choique mine in Argentina. 

Pink Amethyst is really popular in the crystal healing community but also a collector should not miss out on it as it is extremely beautiful and magical just to look at. 
It’s energies are a lot more feminine than purple Amethyst, surrounding it with a loving, healing, gentle aura. Most people feel a strong connection to themselves and higher realms while around pink amethyst or meditating with it. It promotes selflove, clarity and psychic abilities as well as it’s extremely empowering. 

what do you think of pink amethyst? 



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