Grape Agate - sparkly & bubbly and not really Agate

Grape Agate is a trade name for purple crystals with botryoidal habits, giving it the cute shape of many bubbles/grapes stuck together. Mineralogically speaking, grape agate is not actually a form of agate but botryoidal (that’s what the spherical Cluster form is called) purple Chalcedony. 
Our grape agate is sourced in Indonesia where it’s occurring the most often. 
on the mohs scale of hardness Grape Agate is a 7 and is not often being faked but much rarer getting dyed as natural Grapeagate can also be very pale lilac to white or beige hues which is often seen as sign of lower quality. Sometimes it even has peacock green hues! 

It is said to enhance dreams and to be deeply calming and relieve Anxiety. This type of not really Agate but you get the point also promotes inner stability and confidence and is an absolute Must have in ones crystal collection! 

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