Clear Quartz - the master healer

Clear Quartz (SiO2) is a clear to milky white crystal from the Quartz Family, but there's actually more to it. It can be mined almost everywhere on earth but most of them are from America, Brasil or Madagaskar. 

They represent the earth and its old soul and reach a 7 on the hardness scale.

Clear Quartz has been brought up in mythology and almost everywhere on the planet are old stories of it. In Ancient Greece it was believed that this type of Quartz was actually petrified ice. Romans believed that clear quartz gave them wisdom and strength. Some tribes of Naive Americans gave their newborns a piece of this crystals to protect them from evil.

Did you ever hear of an enhydro crystal? That is a very rare occurring type of clear quartz which has inclusions filled with water. Isn't that absolutely amazing?

Clear Quartz is the best beginner crystal, you can assign literally any power with it and it can replace any other crystal in spells and rituals. Its always nice to have a few of them because of their wide range of healing abilities.


It clears out blockages in your mind and grants you deep inner healing and helps with anxiety and unrationellem fears. Clear Quartz is very calming so try to keep one close to you while meditating, if you have fear of bad luck, the dark or something else. 

Also this crystal is perfect for making crystal water. Place a glass of water on the crystal to purify it (please don't put any crystal directly into your water)

How many clear quartz pieces do you have in your collection? 

As always, leave questions down below and be kind to yourself <3

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