Rose Quartz - the stone of universal love

Rose Quartz is a crystal (SiO2) of light pink color, which fades in the sunlight and therefor also comes in very light, almost white hues. 

This crystal is a type of Quartz, which can be found in Brasil, Namibia, Kenia and Madagaskar. The most beautiful, high quality pieces of Rose Quartz comes from Madagaskar. 

This pink crystal has been used for its healing powers for centuries, in Ancient Greece it was believed that gods of love brought it to earth, to gift humans the power of universal love, beauty and forgiveness.


Rose Quartz helps you to find self love and attract potential lovers and friends. It resonates with the heart chakra so you should keep It close to your could wear it as a necklace. It gives off a very gentle, caring energy which helps us to feel loved and contentment.

During meditation with your Rose Quartz it helps you to heal your heart from emotional wounds and past trauma. But wait, there's so much more! To me, Rose Quartz gives off energy that's close to motherly love. You tend to seek loyalty, love, friendship and helps to get over breakups and frustration. 

Rose Quartz protects your inner child and its needs, it protects your innocent, delicate soul once you fully healed it. Because of the frequency its vibrating in this Crystal has a refreshing and inspiring energy which is good for the heart.


Here are some other great uses for Rose Quartz:

- massages with this gem aids bruises and limb pains

- face massages help to relax your face and see your true beauty

- really big chunks of this crystal are excellent at helping with electromagnetic rays from computers, so keep one (2+ kg) next to yours

- keep a tumble under your pillow to help with depression and anxiety

- dress a mirror in rose quartz to see your true beauty


But there are so many other great uses for it. There's literally no limits! What do you use your Rose Quartz for, tell me in the comments below <3

If you want me to cover a specific crystal, feel free to ask.

I hope you have great day, check out our shop for awesome crystals and remember you are a Devine, beautiful being.

be kind to yourself. 

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