Moss Agate - the gardeners stone

Moss Agate is one of my all time favorite crystals, not only for its healing properties, but also just for looks. Who can resist all these layers, depth, structures and colors ?

Moss Agate is a type of Agate and therefor a type of chalcedony quartz (SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe) and ranges to a 6.7-7 on the scale of hardness. It is mostly found in China and India, but also in the US, Brasil and South Africa.

In some Arab written records it is said, that Moss Agate gives the one who carries it, the ability to tell real from fake friends apart.

Leave a raw piece of tumbled stone in your plants who need a lil Support growing.

It is strongly connected to earth and its energy (if you want to represent earth in a ritual, this crystal might be perfect for you). Its also is a stone of transformation and attracts new chances and bonds while providing stability in emotions. 

I can't have enough pieces of this beautiful Agate, what about you ?

Be kind to yourself <3



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